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Fildena Chewable Tablet 100 Mg
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FILDENA CT 50 MG (Sildenafil Citrate)

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Purchase Fildena Tablet, Heard about erectile dysfunction in men? Well, this really is your answer and solution.

Buy Fildena Tablet on the web, predominant and popular medicine. Fildena is fabricated by Fortune, a renowned pharmaceutical firm. Fildena can be employed for curing the situation of impotence problems in Guys and the pancreatic vascular kind of hypertension. However, the only real thing about it medication is that cannot be supplied to the ladies as well as also the youngsters that are below the age of 18 yrs of age and people around nitrates such as nitroglycerin.

The Principal components found in this Medication is Sildenafil citrate 100 milligrams Together with excipients such as titanium oxide, calcium stearate, calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, FD & C Blue #2 aluminum lake, triacetin, and flaxseed

The chemical formula of Fildena 100-mg 1-[[3-(6,7-dihydro-1-methyl-7-oxo-3-propyl-1H-pyrazolo[4,3d e ]pyrimidin-5-yl)-4-ethoxyphenyl]sulfonyl]-4-methyl piperazine citrate. If we discuss along with, then it’s offered at the white off white crystalline powder which could be readily mixed with the 3.5 mg/ML of plain water along with plasma of this pill computer is just about 666.7.

Now you’re having a Whole Lot of queries on mind concerning this medication, and out of that particular blog, You’ll Have answers to All Those queries

What is Fildena?

The famed brand Fildena is an intimate member of pde5-inhibitor drugs. The newest Fildena represents a set of medications against the drug manufacturer Fortune Healthcare in India. The remedy for Fildena creates a prescription for many men who struggle with the predicaments of accomplishing the desired erection dysfunction.

All these drugs are also highly biased to intrude on erection dysfunction or ED because of the active recipe sildenafil citrate. This medication represses specifically the PDE-5 chemical, a compound important part of the system for penile erection.

The valuable medication can as-well effortlessly manage different illnesses such as benign pancreatic hyperplasia and pulmonary vascular hypertension.

It protects pus one of people at the chance of abortion, female fertility treatments, tackles urine problems as a result of an enlarged prostate, and respective vital clinical morbidities. It acts just like this since PDE-5 is existing on your different body parts. Most importantly it invades the consequences of ED and PAH.

When is Fildena Tablet prescribed?

Even as we’ve noticed that the Fildena is principally absorbed by men to raise their blood flow circulation at the numerous regions of the human body.

The medicinal uses of Fildena are:

  • Erectile dysfunction remains the main sign
  • Antidepressant-associated sexual dysfunction
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • High-altitude pulmonary edema

How do Fildena Tablets work?

The active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate at Fildena is just a specific inhibitor of cGMP- phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5 ) enzyme. The specific inhibition of the receptor leads to the smooth muscles ease of the rectal region of the manhood named corpus cavernosum.

This vasodilation increases the blood circulation within the penis resulting in its own erection dysfunction.

How to use Fildena?

On the majority of occasions, health practitioners urge the patients to own the ideal sum of this Fildena inch hour before using the sex. On the flip side, in case the patients wish the Fildena afterward, they can swallow it anywhere, however, they must go on it for half an hour to 4 hours before making love using their partner. An individual could take just a single pill computer of their Fildena at an individual moment. This pill is made without swallowing or without swallowing food also having a high-carb meal increases its absorption.

What is the dosage?

Having 200 milligrams of Fildena could be your most dose of this Fildena, nevertheless, the minimum dose of this Fildena the health practitioners recommend to this patient is 25 mg. The majority of times, health practitioners urge the individual to own the dose of 50mg or 100mg. By the tolerant capacity of this individual the dose of this Fildena could be increased or decreased by the seasoned physician.

Overdose Fildena:

An instance of Fildena can be really a cause of adverse effects to get started. In the event an overdose on the medication occurs, calling a doctor is inevitable to shield contrary to the Initiation of unwanted effects like below:

  • Headache
  • Ringing or ends of buzzing on your ears
  • Too-much ripping of decades eye
  • Painful urination
  • Priapism
  • Sensitivity to mild
  • Visual disturbances
  • Burning, tingling, prickling on your toes and arms
  • Bloody and muddy urine
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Indigestion
  • Nose-bleed
  • Flushing

What are the side effects?

Most of us understand that excess of that which is harmful to our overall health. The medicines or medication would be such ideas have become dangerous to the health when used an extra volume. Fildena could be your medication that has a negative effect when it isn’t drawn to a prescribed level. Here Are Just Some of the main side effects of this Fildena:

  • a person  might have the issue of a hassle
  • back pain could be the situation for the man or woman who’s carrying this medication
  • having troubles linked to prominence can be an issue
  • Poor visibility is sometimes troublesome for anyone
  • Nausea and migraines may be the situation for anyone
  • Several other unwanted results or perhaps the Fildena 100 milligrams are myalgia, nausea, and flushing, and nasal congestion, and dyspepsia as well as others.

What Precautions need to be taken care of?

  • Those persons who’ve obtained any dental operation have to be aware before taking this medication.
  • Even as we’ve already discussed this medicine isn’t suggested for the ladies as well as the kiddies
  • Persons who’re receiving pain as the erectile dysfunction lasts for about 4 hrs.
  • A man or woman who’s confronting the issue of hypertension and can be about nitroglycerin or other nitrates
  • To make sure you need to maintain this medicine from the sight of their kiddies.
  • Make certain you should have advice from the specialist physician before taking this medication
  • Constantly read all of the essential advice before choosing just like ingredients and also other necessary advice

How many substitutes are available?

Many replacements of Fildena can be obtained with Sildenafil Citrate, which is the most important component of this pill. Sildenafil Citrate is just available at the licensed reputed shops just and it has been sold by a seasoned pharmacist.


The pill fildena owns contraindicating trends together with all the below-listed scenarios:

  • Concurrent use of nitric oxide donors, organic nitrates, & nitrates, for an instance, alkyl nitrites, nitroglycerin, sodium nitroprusside, isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate, etc…
  • Maybe you turn out to be due to the busy recipe sildenafil, Tadalafil, or even some other PDE-5 repressors.
  • Drive off Fildena if a core issue can be the own problem.
  • Perchance, a doctor urges distancing yourself from sexual familiarity on the grounds of an excessive amount of pressure in your own heart.

Where to buy Fildena or generic Viagra?

Purchasing Fildena through the internet forms a high pick. Simply easily Look at the website of to secure real medication- Fildena

Why purchase Fildena out of

The 3 famous medical morbidities like benign prostatic hypertrophy, pulmonary vascular hypertension, and erectile dysfunction disorder can easily be familiar with the management of the Fildena pill. The demand appears to get a dependable option. symbolizes a renowned retailer which places on the selling of real medications and represents a trusted seller choice. Literally, within the time the internet seller ships your arranged drugs into your doorway. represents an accountable dealer for remedies that are real.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While choosing any medicine, an individual could have some questions about that medicine and these are the usual questions that arise from everyone else’s mind before taking this medication.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy this medicine?

It’s true, you have to really have exactly the physician prescription before purchasing this medicine whilst a health care provider is only going to pick the ideal amount of drug depending upon your own case, your own wellbeing insurance, and your era. Following his guidance, you’re able to only know about the precautions along with other necessary info concerning its medication.

Is this medicine is safe?

Yes taking this medicine is completely safe unless you’ll have the correct amount of the drug as prescribed by a physician for your requirements.

Is Fildena be taken for the rest of your life?

No, there’s not any requisite you will have this medicine for the remainder of one’s daily life. The health care provider will mechanically reduce the amount which you’re taking determined by your health and the situation which you’re receiving.

Who should not take this drug?

A Variety of individuals who Can’t gobble this down prescription are temporarily in the resulting list below:

  1. Pregnancy: With no absolute need, hoping mothers don’t put it to use to get safety.
  2. Breastfeeding: Girls who get no true nod due to its own usage.
  3. Hypotension or very low blood pressure: You ingesting that this medication may shed your rates of blood pressure gently or temporarily. With medication supposed to lower hypertension, then this specific remedy needs upkeep.
  4. Other meds: Together with all the medications designed to take care of diseases of your heart or higher blood pressure, it requires watchfulness. Supplements and herbs have to examine your physician.
  5. Deformed phallus: an overall entire carefulness is inevitable among individuals that are fighting structural deformation in this manhood. This dilemma can begin with states including Cavernosal Fibrosis, Angulation, or Peyronie. Permanent sexual performance loss can hit such men and women.
  6. Priapism: This condition of one’s own erection is hurtful and protracted which lasts for more than weeks. If this kind of state has faced you earlier, do not put it to use. Priapism may be a type of blood disorder such as leukemia, sickle anemia, and multiple myeloma. Its usage below the start of priapism might be quite dangerous. Priapism will interrupt your penile tissues at the phallus hence bringing to the permanent lack of sexual stamina. Any event of priapism requires immediate info to a general professional.
  7. The decline of hearing: Fildena will be very likely to attract unexpected diminution at the feeling of hearing capabilities in collaboration with tingling or buzzing noises within your own ear. End using this medication and tell a health care provider immediately if this type of condition crops upward. Medication substitution having a high-value option could be inevitable over a few instances by their clinical condition of their state.
  8. Impairment to vision: The pills can cause vision loss in your eyes or one eye. Fildena may also initiate the issue of color discrimination skills. Ergo, it requires judicious use with extreme carefulness amid patients working with an abnormal genetic disorder-retinitis pigmentosa. Such persons endure raised danger of vision loss due to their own eating. End using this medication and tell a health care provider immediately if this type of condition crops upward. Medication substitution having a high-value option could be inevitable over a few instances following their clinical condition of their state.
  9. Heart problems: ingestion of Fildena demands extreme carefulness in the event you’re getting through the issues of their bloodstream and the cardiovascular illness. Doctors tend not to indicate whatsoever its usage among patients that have lately encountered a stroke or heart attack or severe arrhythmia from the prior six months. Intake of those pills is in no way acceptable if your physician of drug advises you to not relish just about any sexual connection as of unnecessary danger of tomb affects in your own heart.
  10. Surgery: Inform your physician or doctor concerning the ingestion of this pill before opting for just about any surgery which happens in dental surgeries too.
    Menace of side effects: The menace of side effects seriously dissipates over the mind of folks handling ill consequences of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, higher cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, older citizens, physicians, etc… Watchfulness is of utmost significance amid such sufferers and instances must look for counseling correctly. The commencement of numerous unwanted effects like nausea, nausea, nausea, vomiting, etc. may befall when occurring to joy in penetration following intake of the treatment. Tell a health care provider immediately if such impacts appear. Dose titration and medicine substitution having a high-value option could be inevitable over a few instances depending on their clinical condition of their state.
  11. For kiddies: It’s inadvisable among children younger than eighteen decades. Several deaths have occurred while managing PAH in kids with this particular medicine ( sildenafil citrate). Concerning Fildena among kiddies for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, so your doctor may recommend its usage just in the event other drug options aren’t accessible. Merely following proper reviewing of their full benefits and dangers as it pertains under scrutiny, it’s a good idea.
    Based on health pros: Bid goodbye to most overthecounter medications. Speak to your clinician until its usage since it might have contra-indications connected to your claim. Medical oversight under the eye of a healthcare expert is essential.
  12. BPH or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy: Folks putting up with the wicked influencers of erectile disorder chance to beat a larger threat of capturing benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH. Hence, the appraisal of BPH is shrewd amid sufferers fighting erection dysfunction. Plus, this medication might have cross-actions with medications used by the management of both BPH, and also this cross-action may be the foundation of acute consequences. Your healthcare practitioner will direct yours in accord with a condition of the disease.

What other essential details you must know?

A Lot of Men and Women who Can’t gulp down this medicine are temporarily at the resulting list below:

  • Allergy: Individuals suffering from allergy symptoms or suspected sensitivity into the dormant element of the medication better stay nostalgic.
  • Treatments encompassing nitrates: All these drugs aren’t for people with a prescription to get several nitrate-taking drugs as the commencement of tomb effects will probably be.
  • Riociguat: Inadvisable In-concert Fildena & Riociguat.
  • Cardiac problems: there’s not any recommendation with this particular drug one of the individuals dealing with gloomy unstable angina (chest pain) or acute coronary collapse sufferers counseled to aside from sexual activity.
  • Missed dose: There isn’t any requirement of celebrating a dosing schedule if you consume Fildena by your own requirement. Perhaps you gulp down Fildena on a standard basis and it has to pass you do not make sure to carry it, take away the forgotten dose once it concerns the mind. Hold the jumped doses if enough full time for the everyday dose is slowly drawing close. For grabbing with the dose, not consume the medication over just one daily diet.
  • Alcohol use: The aficionados of all Fildena require implanting the drinks such as alcohol and its own equivalents whereas on Fildena medication therapy. Utilizing Fildena in ordinary with alcohol this medication can instigate a decrease in blood pressure dimensions giving rise to adverse consequences such as nausea or fainting.
  • Grapefruit juice: This drink is more prone to activate interaction together with Fildena and triggering an adverse trail of side effects. Maintain distance from beverages similar to grapefruit as soon as your prescription is Fildena.
  • Fact: Catch doctor in connection for this medication program and yours beginning or renouncing employing some, chiefly antifungal drugs to maintain away AIDS/ HIV, speech elevated blood pressure-hypertension or perhaps a disease of prostate cancer, remedies to fight ED issue or PAH or pulmonary vascular hypertension, or antifungal medicine, hepatitis C, or even an antibiotic
  • Negative effects: You ingesting the Fildena pill is more prone to place off a few lousy side effects which could be mild or gloomy. Accordingly, in the event you observe any episodes of unwanted outcomes, consult with a clinician.

Is Fildena or Generic Viagra for Everyone?

The chewable pill computer of Fildena isn’t just a relevant option for those who require necessary aid for facing erectile dysfunction. Only your healthcare pro can pick if the pills are correct to impinge on your own erectile dysfunction disorder. There happen many predicaments that require you to stop the treatment or visit that your Doctor just likes:

  • Stroke
  • blood-cell issues
  • Kidney issues needing dialysis
  • cardiovascular issues
  • Stomach bleeding problem

How Fildena 100 treats erectile dysfunction problems?

Fildena 100 pill encloses active recipe sildenafil that plays a very important role by strengthening blood distribution en-route for the manhood and gives rise to long and favorable –attracted stiff erections in men.

Why Fildena 100mg is a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction problems?

These chewable pills of Fildena form an indication of a medication deep-rooted to counteract the erectile dysfunction events approximately for 3-6 hours. Men in multitudes eat up Fildena because its intake enables for jelling preparedness and since well doesn’t wake up men for immediate penetration. The medicine within an hour has itself willing to intrude Gradually on erection dysfunction. It can too initiate spontaneous sexual closeness.

Does Fildena 100 mg work?

Yes, Fildena 100-mg is quite efficacious if potencies below it can not assist you, get in touch with a doc.

Can I take Fildena 100 mg?

This could be the maximum dose of Fildena and maybe wise only under the guidelines of a health care provider.

Exactly how many milligrams of Fildena if I choose?
You’re able to commence with 25-mg and raise it to 50 mg in case the prior Dose proves fruitless.

When if I choose Fildena 100 milligrams for the best outcomes?

Healthcare providers indicate carrying it around 30 minutes to twenty-five minutes before penetrative sex.

Why Is Fildena A Trusted Brand In The Field of Impotence Medication?

Fildena handles almost any scope of ED. It’s edible in ordinary with food or without food. It may keep the consequences of ED for 3-6 hours. As a result of its ingestion, men do not rush for penetrative closeness.

Is Fildena approved?

One of the different drugs which can be acceptable for impotence problems, one among the ideal drugs is Fildena. Fildena is really a medication that’s prescribed by doctors for treating impotence problems. Fildena is really a medication that’s promoted under the really nicely popular name Viagra. The major ingredient of Viagra drugs is Sildenafil Citrate. Fildena Is Produced by Fortune Healthcare Private Limited. It’s actually a pharmacological drug that’s approved by the FDA. It’s also an efficient medicine for curing impotence problems. It’s an inexpensive medication that’s a favorite in men experiencing impotence problems and consequently, Viagra is really a favorite medication. It’s an established actuality that 92 percent of men who’ve got better results within their own erections after applying for this medicine and enhance the sexual drive and vitality in Adult males.

Similar medications that have Sildenafil Citrate because the main component are

  • Cenforce pills
  • Kamagra pills
  • Super P Force
  • Malegra Pills
  • Caverta

If you would like to get Fildena pills out of the regional medicines you certainly can do this since it’s readily obtainable from the drugs shops within an OTC and prescription medication.

When should I take Fildena for the best results?

Broadly speaking, Fildena pills might be swallowed with water on an empty stomach or after with a light meal. If you would like to take it using alcohol you certainly can do this however the sum of alcohol needs to be limited and confined to several hooks only.

For receiving the very best results you should choose the Fildena pills around 30-60 minutes before sex. All men that have reached age 18 decades and above might simply take Fildena pills. The medication might have its effect for approximately 56 hours and takes approximately 30-60 minutes before sex. For better results, you may have meals that are lower in fat material. The fat content on your bloodstream ought to be low to own better effects of this medication.

Be certain if you’re afflicted by certain states particular to one’s center and also higher blood pressure you need to consult with a health care provider or a professional.

How long will someone be able to last in bed?

The impacts of Fildena broadly speaking varies among individuals however, the ramifications generally last for 56 hours. Additionally, it is based upon the dosage level as well as the own body metabolic rate and other outside factors too. There’s not any definite answer available because there’s not been any research conducted about this and the length of time it is possible to have sex and continue along with your partner.

Additionally, a place to notice is that it might perhaps not instantaneously do the job nicely in your own body after you experienced sex. Ordinarily, your human body demands a recovery period based on age as well as different physiological facets until you have the impulse from the interior. This waiting period is also known as the refractory period also it might be only a little longer for its men experiencing impotence problems.

Overall if you still wish to learn what variables it depends they’re listed below for the own reference –

  • Dosage
  • Age
  • Diet
  • Medications
  • All-Around Wellness
  • Emotional condition

Viagra usually renders the procedure after 23 hours. A 50mg dose may depart your system within a couple of hours however a 100mg dose may require almost a few hours to depart from your process.

Is Sildenafil as good as Tadalafil?

Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil l) are equally OTC medications useful for treating impotence problems. One of the principal differences between both drugs is that Tadalafil (Cialis) usually lasts more than Sildenafil (Viagra). Cialis supplies penile enlargement too. Tadalafil can endure for 1820 hours according to the metabolic process and other aspects. Sildenafil lasts for 56 hours at the maximum. Tadalafil shouldn’t be consumed more often than once every day. The typical dose is additionally in a minimal volume too. It’s consumed in 20mg pills that may be paid off as much as 5 milligrams every day.

What happens after taking Fildena?

The major ingredient of Fildena or even Viagra pill that can be its own generic name is Sildenafil Citrate. It falls in the class of Phosphodiesterase type5 inhibitor (PDE).

Once you take these it ostensibly behaves by relaxing the blood vessels from the lower belly and manhood region. Ergo the blood flows into the penis increases that induce erections. Before shooting in Fildena you ought to make certain you’re not allergic to Sildenafil Citrate. This is supposed to be confirmed solely by a health care provider.

Ideally, Fildena or even Viagra pill ought to really be consumed 30-60 minutes before sex.

Broadly speaking, Fildena pills are secure and don’t need any acute side effects however in some cases, the side effects are observed. If You’re allergic to Fildena or even Sildenafil Citrate you may undergo these symptoms-

  • Having a headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the muscles
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision or temporary loss of vision
  • Vomiting
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Sudden partial or complete hearing loss


Is 50mg Fildena Enough?

This is dependent upon your own condition and the severity of erectile dysfunction. Broadly speaking, they have been offered in Fildena 50mg, 100mg, and 150 mg pills. The total amount of dose ought to really be prescribed by your health care provider and you should stay glued to an own dose. In the event the 50mg pill isn’t working well enough you can confirm with your health care provider once and just when he proposes switching to another high dose amount you should switch for it.

Does Fildena work the first time?

Fildena or Viagra that’s the standard name of this medication is among the very common and most economical kinds of herbal treatment for impotence problems. It’s been tremendously successful in curing erectile dysfunction among men. If You’re consuming Viagra for your first time Then You Need to Ensure That you follow the instructions given below-

  • Follow the dosage as given by your doctor and stick to it
  • Take it on an empty stomach or after having a light meal
  • Know about the symptoms and the possible side effects of the medicine from your doctor if you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate.

Which is the best generic Fildena pill?

The finest generic Fildena tablet computer is Viagra. It’s usually economical and can be available readily in the medicine counters also doesn’t need some significant side effects. It’s likewise an FDA-approved medication and was known to do the job nicely in many men. It might be regarded as the ideal solution to Fildena.



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