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Entacom Dosage

Here’s how to use Entacom – Levodopa + Carbidopa + Entacapone in Parkinson’s disease.

Follow the dosage instructions given by your doctor. Entacom can be taken with or without food. Don’t split or break the tablet before consumption. Swallow it with a glass of water.

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What is Entacom?

Entacom is one of the best Dopamine supplements prescribed to patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

When an individual has Parkinson’s problem, he experiences excessive shaking, tremors, stiff muscles, slow body movements, etc. Such little things hinder regular activities & it feels difficult to cope up with basic activities too.

For such conditions, Entacom comes as a major relief by treating excessive shaking & regularizing body movements. The working of Entacom is based on Levodopa + Carbidopa + Entacapone in Parkinson’s disease.

Entacom combines the goodness of Levodopa, Carbidopa & Entacapone. Digging deep, Levodopa is an effective Parkinson’s drug. Carbidopa inhibits the peripheral metabolism of Levodopa among Parkinson’s patients. It affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) directly by allowing a major proportion of peripheral Levodopa to cross the blood-brain barrier. Entacapone, a Catechol-O-Methyltransferase, aims at boosting the action mechanism of dopamine.

Entacapone works in combination with Levodopa & Carbidopa. Thus, Parkinson’s symptoms are controlled by maintaining dopamine levels in the brain.


USA Brand Name
Generic Name
Legal Status
Drug Class
Prescription Required
Stalevo Levodopa + Carbidopa + Entacapone Approved in countries like India, USA, Japan & Europe


Dopamine Precursor Yes

How Entacom Works?

A dopamine enhancer, Entacom belongs to the category of Dopaminergic antiparkinsonian agents. This medicine works by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. In a nutshell, it helps the brain to coordinate & enhance body movements properly.

Uses of Entacom

Entacom is mainly used for treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

It is dosed along with Levodopa & Carbidopa for minimizing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. These symptoms usually include tremors, loss of muscular control, stiffness of muscles, muscular spasms, etc.

What if you miss Entacom Dosage?

It’s important to follow the schedule to take Entacom on time. In case if you have missed or skipped Entacom dosage, you may use it as soon as it clicks your mind. If it’s the time of your next dosage, don’t use Entacom immediately. You may continue with the next scheduled dosage. Always try to take Entacom dosage at the same time daily to maintain the effectiveness of this medicine in your body.

What if you overdose on Entacom?

Take only one Entacom tablet per dosage. Never go overboard by taking multiple pills together thinking that it will show faster effects. However, if you overdose, you may see severe negative impacts instantly.

Note: If you think something isn’t right or any severe side effects are observed after using Entacom, seek immediate medical attention.

Why use Entacom?

Entacom(Levodopa + Carbidopa + Entacapone) is a highly effective medication for Parkinson’s patients. It is mainly prescribed by doctors to minimize major symptoms like muscular stiffness, movement difficulties, tremors, etc. If you’re suffering from Parkinson’s disease & lost hopes, Entacom is the medicine you must try. It helps in improving the quality of life for Parkinson’s patients by regularizing movements.

You can also say that Entacom is a blessing for Parkinson’s patients to lead a normal life with smooth body movements.

Side Effects of Entacom

Please note that you may observe some of the common side effects in the beginning as you start using Entacom. This happens as your body takes time to adjust the medicine. However, if you see rare side effects in severe nature, consult your doctor immediately.


  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Upset Stomach
  • Fever or cold body
  • Cough
  • Pain during urination
  • Back pain


  • Confusion
  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Shortness of breath

General Instructions

Here are a few things to learn about Entacom before you start using this Dopamine Booster:

  • Entacom can be used regardless of food intake. This means that it is safe to use with or without food.
  • Don’t overdose on Entacom in any conditions. Follow the dosage instructions given by the doctor.
  • Alcohol should not be used after taking Entacom. It is ideal to avoid alcohol at least 3 hours before using Entacom.
  • Discuss your medical history and current medicines with your doctor before using Entacom.
  • Entacom may make you feel sleepy or dizzy. So, avoid doing any activity that demands 100% focus after using this medicine.

Warnings & Precautions

Entacom should be consumed with extreme cautiousness in the following health conditions:

  • Breathing problems or Asthma
  • Ulcers
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Liver impairment
  • Blood pressure problems

When should you NOT use Entacom?

Entacom tablets, also known as Levodopa + Carbidopa + Entacapone in Parkinson’s disease should be avoided in the following situations if:

  • You’re allergic to its active ingredients
  • Your body shows hypersensitivity to Entacom
  • You’re having a heart, kidney, or liver problem
  • You’re a mental disorder patient
  • You’re planning to conceive or pregnant already
  • You’ve undergone any surgery in the near past or planning for one anytime soon

Interactions of Entacom with Other Medicines

It’s important to discuss your current medicines with the doctor before starting to use Entacom. Here are a few drugs that may conflict when used along with Entacom. It’s better if you avoid taking them together. You may use these medicines by keeping a safe gap between Entacom consumption. Ask your doctor for more details.

  1. Haloperidol
  2. Reserpine
  3. Procarbazine
  4. Chlorpromazine
  5. Methyldopa

Besides interacting with the above-mentioned medicines, it also shows interactivity in patients suffering from:

  • Mood disorders
  • Bleeding Issues
  • Gastrointestinal disease

Additionally, it may also show interactions with the following laboratory tests based on Urine:

  • Glucose Test
  • Ketone Test
  • Catecholamine Test

Storage Instructions for Entacom

Entacom should be stored at the normal room temperature – 10 to 25 Degrees Celsius.


1) How long does it Take for Entacom to Take Effect?

Entacom starts showing effectiveness within 1 hour, provided that this medicine is being used as per the doctor’s guidance.

2) How Long does the Effect of Entacom Last?

The average lasting duration is 6 hours after every Entacom dosage.

3) Is Alcohol Consumption Safe During Entacom Usage?

This medicine may show severe adverse effects in combination with alcohol or grapefruit juice. So, limit alcohol consumption at least 3 hours before using Entacom. You may see some side effects like nausea, weakness, vomiting, dizziness, confusion, etc otherwise. Additionally, you’ll have to avoid doing attention-seeking activities so that no accidents occur in case you feel dizzy after using Entacom.

4) Is Entacom Habit-Forming?

The patients using Entacom haven’t reported any habit-forming.

5) Can I use Entacom During Pregnancy?

Entacom is not recommended for pregnant women as it may cause bleeding problems at the time of delivery. So, don’t forget to disclose your pregnancy before starting to use Entacom.

6) Can I Breastfeed While Undergoing Treatment with Entacom?

Please disclose this to your medical practitioner if you’re breastfeeding your child. You may or may not be prescribed Entacom during breastfeeding. Additionally, you’ll have to discuss the risks & benefits of Entacom so you don’t face any severe issues later.

7) For how long should I use Entacom?

As a Parkinson’s patient, the ideal duration for which you have to continue treatment with Entacom differs. Only your doctor can tell the exact duration for which you should use Entacom. If you wish to discontinue due to any reason, talk to your doctor instead of making a self-decision. They’ll guide you with how to discontinue using Entacom safely.


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Entacom 200
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