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Donamem (Donepezil/Memantine)


Donamem is a blend medication with dynamic fixings Donepezil and Memantine. These oral containers are recommended to patients with moderate to serious dementia in Alzheimer’s infection. Moreover, it is additionally viable for patients experiencing dementia in Parkinson’s.

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However these Memory Loss Supplements can’t fix Alzheimer’s totally, they’re exceptionally powerful in limiting the impacts of the infection. It is accepted to hinder the progress of the illness.

Why use Donamem (Donepezil + Memantine)?

Donamem ought to be utilized by Alzheimer’s patients experiencing moderate to serious impacts of this infection. Likewise, Parkinson’s patients have the advantages of utilizing this oral container we’ll talk about here.

Employments of Donamem (Donepezil + Memantine)

Donepezil and Memantine is a FDA-endorsed blend for:

Getting moderate serious Alzheimer’s sickness

Parkinson’s infection with dementia

The compelling blend of Donepezil and Memantine works on the patient’s conditions in the two cases. Donepezil is utilized for memory enhancements while Memantine is for boosting center, language, thinking, and day by day exercises.

How Donamem (Donepezil + Memantine) works?

Donamem has Donepezil and Memantine as its key dynamic substance. Donepezil is a cholinesterase inhibitor medicine while Memantine has a place with the class of against dementia drugs.

The primary capacity of Donepezil is to help the Acetylcholine level that assumes the part of sending nerve signals for memory upgrades. Then again, Memantine is utilitarian for impeding the activity of glutamate, another substance courier of the cerebrum, who handles nerve signal transmissions.

Both of these dynamic elements of Donamem center around adjusting the synthetic couriers in the mind influenced by Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s sickness.

How to utilize Donamem (Donepezil + Memantine)?

Donamem (Donepezil + Memantine) ought to be utilized according to the medicine given by the specialist. Kindly don’t change the measurement in more modest or bigger sums than endorsed.

This oral medication might be suggested for use once each prior day sleep time. Nonetheless, this dose may differ from one patient to another dependent on their ailments and necessities for upgrades.

Swallow Donamem (Donepezil + Memantine) case in general with a glass of water. Abstain from opening the case, or biting before utilization. It very well may be taken previously or after suppers.

Try not to utilize the messed up or harmed container.

Missed Dose

Missed measurement can be remunerated by taking the case quickly as you recall. You may skirt the quick portion if your next booked dose is close.


Ingesting too much Donamem (Donepezil + Memantine) may make you witness serious symptoms of the medication as recorded underneath. Counsel your primary care physician preceding the circumstance sneaks off your mind.

Incidental effects

Coming up next are some gentle to extreme incidental effects occurring with the patients utilizing Donamem. Try not to freeze on the off chance that they show up in moderate nature. Look for sure fire clinical consideration if the antagonistic manifestations are deteriorating.


Trouble in relaxing

Expanding on the face/lips/tongue/throat



Unpredictable heartbeat


Excruciating pee

Stomach torment


Loose bowels

Cerebral pain

Rashes on the skin or comparable hypersensitive responses

General Instructions

These Memory Pills are solution as it were. Try not to begin or quit utilizing them dependent on presumptions.

Donamem can be utilized regardless of food utilization. At the end of the day, it is protected to devour with or without food.


Try not to utilize Donamem in case you’re oversensitive to Donepezil, Memantine, or any of its fixings.

Counsel your PCP in case you’re seeing more slow or quicker pulses in the wake of utilizing Donamem.

Asthma and lungs patients, liver and kidney patients, renal debilitation patients, and so on ought to unveil their clinical issues with the specialist prior to utilizing this medication.

Enlighten your primary care physician regarding your epileptic seizures, stomach ulcers, uncontrolled hypertension, congestive cardiovascular breakdowns, and so on in case you’re now experiencing these medical problems.

Abstaining from driving or working large equipment will be ideal to not allow any mishaps to happen due to the unsteadiness brought about by this medicine.

When to NOT utilize Donamem?

During pregnancy or breastfeeding

In case you’re intending to consider

On the off chance that you have any extreme medical issues, medical procedures, hypersensitivities, or utilizing any clashing prescriptions as of now


Medications like Carvedilol, Oxcarbazepine, Tramadol, Trihexyphenidyl, and Trimethoprim ought not be joined with Donamem. Get some information about the protected hole you can keep with Donamem and these clashing prescriptions to stay away from risky impacts.

Donamem additionally shows serious clashing responses with infection conditions like heart and lungs just as seizure issues.

It might show moderate responses with ailments like hepatic and renal weakness.

Other than this, Donamem shows negative activities whenever utilized with the accompanying meds:









Dopaminergic agonists



Oral anticoagulants



Capacity Information

Store Donamem at ordinary room temperature – 10 to 30 Degrees Celsius

Get it far from dampness, direct daylight, and warmth

Keep it far from youngsters


1) Is Donamem habit-forming?

Donamem ordinarily doesn’t have any propensity shaping capacities. In any case, you may ask your primary care physician and look for their sentiments.

2) Can I utilize Donamem during pregnancy?

No. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies ought to try not to utilize Donamem for it causes adverse consequences on the embryo in the belly just as hurtful when passed through bosom milk.

3) For how long would it be advisable for me to utilize Donamem?

Use Donamem for the length endorsed by your primary care physician. In the event that you wish to modify the measurements or stop utilizing this medicine, look for clinical consideration first.


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Donamem (Donepezil/Memantine)
Donamem (Donepezil/Memantine) $37.50$105.00